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Well-deserved accolades abound for Bill Holman.  Known for his command of multi-themed linear writing.   Holman continues to defy pigeonholing.  Multi-reed band member Bob Efford says, &#39;You never know what is going to come out of him but it&#146;s always fresh without seeming to try to be, for lack of a better word, modern.&#39;<br /><br />Bill Holman came to national attention as a tenor saxophone player and, shortly afterward, as a composer and arranger for Stan Kenton in March 1952.  Although Bill&#146;s stint with Kenton&#146;s band was short (until November 1953), he continued to contribute compositions and arrangements.   Many of these stayed in the Kenton book until the band&#146;s demise in 1979, proving why Bill was, is, and will be considered one of the major forces in he history of American Jazz from the early 1950&#146;s to the early 21st century.<br /><br />Listening to his music, from any era, is accessible and enjoyable on the surface level yet on repeated listening unveils layer of intricacies that keep his music timeless and fresh.<br /><br />Here&#146;s Bill&#146;s tribute to Woody Herman.