Live Price: $18.00

Grammy Award winning Arranger and Band Leader Bill Holman brings us his jazz big band recorded live in 2004.  Bill Holman introduces many new and exciting compositions and arrangements with his star packed LA based jazz big band.  The Bill Holman Band is considered one of the greatest working big bands in jazz today.<br /><br />Review:<br /><blockquote><br />&#39;This is the first album since 1997 by The Bill Holman Band.  Why there was so long an interregnum between recordings by an essential cultural institution requires a discussion of conditions in the music industry and the society at large.  You will not find that discussion here.  Let us simply shout hooray, and praise impresario Ken Poston for including the band in one of his periodic jazz events, and Graham Carter of Jazzed Media for capturing the performance.<br /><br />Typical of how a slightly older generation of arrangers regards Holman is something the late Ralph Burns told me about Willis&#146;s writing: &#39;It&#146;s pure jazz, but he writes everything very classically.  it&#146;s linear and simple and clear.&#39;   From one younger arranger, Bill Kirchner: &#39;His linear concepts are among the most important innovations ever used in a jazz orchestra,&#39; and another, Don Sebesky:  &#39;I hear nothing, past or present, that comes close to (his writing) because he combines the objective and subjective parts of music into a seamless whole.&#39; From a contemporary, Bob Brookmeyer: &#39;Of all the other peoples&#146; music I&#146;ve played in my life, I&#146;d rather play Bill Holman&#146;s.&#39;  He makes it such a delight. it&#146;s so naturally well crafted that it speaks when you play it.&#39;<br /><br />   --Doug Ramsey<br /></blockquote><br />Any Bill Holman Big Band Album is a must for you collection!