Twist of the Wrist Price: $20.00

You won&#146;t believe what you are hearing.  Listening to this youth band from Great Briton is truly a treat!<br /><blockquote><br />&#39;The Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra is celebrated not only for its professional standard, but also for the quality of the music in its considerable library.  The emphasis has always been obtaining the very best music from the world&#146;s greatest composer / arrangers, including the most technically challenging, with consideration also given to its effect on the audience, and of course its enjoyment by the band.<br /><br />Tick all the boxes for this remarkable CD.  This is the best yet; it will stand just about any blindfold test.  The music is written for top professional musicians, and forms only a small part of the superb library which the MYJO can perform at this standard.&#39;<br /><br />     -- John Killoch<br />        Mainly Big Bands <br /></blockquote>