Extreme Heat Price: $18.00

Experience The Hottest Latin Jazz Sounds of today. . . . .<br /><br />FBBJ has not featured Latin/Jazz Big Bands until now.  Pat Longo has chosen not only some of the best arrangers in the business (Bob Florence, Buddy Childers, Kim Richmond, and Bill Armstrong), but all the &#39;first call&#39; studio players, in LA, to perform these arrangements.  Performers like Carl Saunders, Wayne Bergeron, Rick Baptist, Charlie Loper, Andy Martin, Pete Christlieb, Kim Richmond, etc., makes this the best Latin/Jazz Big Band CD we&#146;ve heard in many years. . . . and that&#146;s why we&#146;re featuring Pat Longo&#146;s &#34;Extreme Heat&#34; CD.<br /><blockquote><br />&#34;Congratulations.  It&#146;s the best example of Latin Jazz out there today.&#34;<br /><br />      Harry Siders<br />      &#34;Jazz Times Magazine&#34; <br /></blockquote><br /><blockquote><br />Pat Longo has achieved all this and more with this enjoyable project.  The exuberance of the performance may just create a situation where you will not fully appreciate the artistry of the arrangers and the consummate skill of the soloists, and the ensemble.<br /><br />     -- John Killoch<br />      England <br /></blockquote><br /><blockquote><br />Not since Chano Pozo, Tito Puete, and my good friend the late Cal Tjader, has the excitement of Latin/jazz bent my ear until now.<br /><br />      --Johnny Adams<br />      &#34;And All That Jazz&#34; <br /></blockquote>