Tales From The Sea Price: $18.00

This wonderful big band from Vancouver BC, is led by composer, arranger, Jill Townsend.  This lady can write, and put together a band! Jill&#146;s husband Bill Coon, is also a terrific writer, and guitarist.  The two of them produced nine great charts for this CD, which are performed by an exceptional group of musicians.  The section work is crisp and clean, and the soloists are second to none! Listen to the sound bites.<br /><br />This is what noted jazz reviewer, Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, has to say about The Jill Townsend Big Band:<br /><br />&#39;This is what makes reviewing such an adventure.  Just when one thinks he may have heard it all, a new big band comes out of nowhere? - well, out of Vancouver, British Columbia, actually? - to prove that he hasn&#146;t, that there&#146;s always something new under the sun, and that there&#146;s almost nothing more rewarding than the thrill of discovering a marvelous new Jazz ensemble whose artistry and resourcefulness can best be described as breathtaking.  The band in question is led by composer/arranger Jill Townsend whose debut album, Tales from the Sea, is irresistibly fresh and charming from beginning to end.&#39;