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Whoa! Where did this band come from?  There can&#146;t be any snow in Erie, PA.  This band is too hot to keep any snow on the ground.  The band not only phrases the Stan Kenton charts like the Kenton band, but it really cooks also.<br /><br />The Dave Stevens Big Band was formed in Erie, PA in 1990, and has evolved into one of the premier big bands in the region.&nbsp;The section work is great, and the soloing is excellent. Check out the sound bites.<br /><br />This CD is in my CD collection, and I hope it will be in yours&nbsp;. It&#146;s a run-to-buy recording!<br /><br /><blockquote><i><br />&#39;The Dave Stevens Big Band is a great group. I have been featuring Dave&#146;s Big Band for years on my weekly radio program &#39;Jazz with Joe DiGiorgio&#39; on WQLN-FM in Erie, Pennsylvania.&#39;<br /><br />    -- Joe DiGiorgio<br /></i></blockquote><br />