Mad To The Bone Price: $18.00

You won&#146;t find a better big band, or recording in the US!  This is a swingin&#146; band out of Northern Pennsylvania, with excellent section work, and some terrific solos.  This had to be one happy recording session! Watrous is outstanding, as usual!<br /><blockquote><br />&#39;A few months ago, Rob Stoneback, my good friend, set up a recording session for his band and myself.  We had been talking about it for a few years, and it finally happened.  The band is sensational as you will hear on this disk!  I had a ball doing this project, and I have a gut feeling that you will get a kick out of what came off.  Rob&#146;s the BEST!&#39;<br /><br />      -- Bill Watrous<br /></blockquote><br />Whether you&#146;re a big band fan, a jazz fan, or a Bill Watrous fanatic, you are going to love this recording.  With the exception of &#39;Basie&#39; by Ernie Wilkins, every piece of music is newly recorded.  This includes &#39;Oh!&#39; which is an Ernie Wilkins blues he wrote for the Count Basie Band.  It was supposed to be on the legendary &#39;Chairman Of The Board&#39; album, but the parts were lost right before the recording session.  ENJOY!