Live and Screamin Price: $18.00

&#39;The Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra is the Chicago area&#146;s most exciting big band.  Under the Direction of Lenny King, the Chicago Metropolitan Orchestra has achieved the distinction of producing a Kenton sound that equals the original.  They specialize in performing the works of Stan Kenton and they also play charts of Herman, Basie, and others brilliantly.&#39;<br /><br />    -- John Burnett<br />       Jazz Host &#34;All Things Jazz&#34;<br />       WDCB Radio, Chicago<br /><br />&#34;Stan lives! If you really want to know what big bands are all about, and why some people remain helplessly enchanted by their near-hypnotic charm, go directly to Track 3 -do not pass go -and listen closely to Bill Holman&#146;s breathtaking arrangement of - What&#146;s New?, &nbsp;-brilliantly interpreted by Lenny King&#146;s superlative Chicago Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra. &#34;<br /><br />    -- Jack Bowers<br />       All About Jazz Magazine