Version 3.0 Price: $18.00

New England has enjoyed a resurgence of big band activity over the past decade, despite a downturn in the economy.  Sadly, many of the 20-or-so ensembles currently based in New England have chosen to jump on the nostalgia bandwagon in order to remain financially solvent.<br /><br />Not so for the New England Jazz Ensemble.  While many of their peers are riding on the coattails of ghost bands which faithfully recreate the music of bygone masters, this 16-piece group has its heart set on reinvigorating the big band genre.<br /><br />By placing top notch soloists in a setting where their talents can be best displayed - exploring new compositions, and new arrangements by some of the area&#146;s finest jazz composers - NEJE manages to sound fresh and exciting, even when they tackle old chestnuts, such as Strayhorn&#146;s TAKE THE &#34;A&#34; TRAIN, on this, their debut recording.<br /><br />Listen to the sound bytes to see if &#39;VERSION 3.0&#39; wouldn&#146;t make a great addition to your collection.