By Ourselves Price: $18.00

This is one great CD!  Marvin Stamm is magnificent . . .  clean, crisp sound, and God only knows where the ideas come from.  Bill Mays plays such tasty piano.  Man, do these guys turn each other on!<br /><blockquote><br />&#39;Every musician should be so fortunate to meet someone with whom the share such a great empathy.  From the very first notes, we seemed to share something special and make a great joy in making music together.&#39;<br /><br />???? -- Marvin Stamm<br /></blockquote><br /><blockquote><br />&#39;I remember Marvin saying &#145;we really should do some playing together - one of these days it will happen.  Eventually I did some gigs with his quartet, and he played beautiful trumpet / cornet / flugelhorn on my own &#145;Mays in Manhattan&#146; CD.  Then at some point we found ourselves in a duo situation.&#39;<br /><br />???? -- Bill Mays <br /></blockquote>