Another Side Price: $18.00

<blockquote>We normally do not feature solo albums in the CD Shop, but this one, by Bob Florence, is so tasty, we couldn&#146;t resist.<br /><br />&#34;For most of us, the image of Bob Florence is that of a talented, gifted, adventurous big band leader.  What is often overlooked is another side of him -- a sensitive, creative, melodic, classically trained jazz pianist.  This disc is about the latter.&#34;<br /><br />&#34;Another Side&#34; is a definite ten -- to be enjoyed not only by Bob Florence fans but by all jazz enthusiasts.  A masterful accomplishment from one of the most gifted musicians, it is sure to become an enduring work of art&#34;<br /><br />   -- Phil Norman<br /></blockquote><br />Listening to Bob Florence at the keyboard is like a combination of Valium and Prozac.  One has the feeling of calmness, and well-being.  Listen to the sound bites below and see if you agree.