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Without question, Steve Huffsteter is one of the most talented, tastiest composers, arrangers, trumpet/flugelhorn players, soloists in the Los Angeles jazz scene, and recording studios.  Finally, he&#146;s taken the time to put out a product of his own.<br /><br />The DVD &#39;Gathered Around&#39; has eight of the most delightful, happiest compositions of Steve&#146;s, with the most sought after recording musicians in the LA Area playing them.  Listen to how he weaves the melody, and counter melodies in and out.  If you have a home theater, You will be right in the center of this outstanding big band.  If not, you&#146;ll have a great deal of enjoyment just listening, and watching in stereo.<br /><br />Hats off to AIX Records for the exceptional surround sound/stereo, and photography on this project.  61 minutes of delightful sight, and sound! Steve and D Huffsteter are two of the finest people in the music business.&nbsp;<br /><br />Also enjoy the interview with Steve on this DVD, as he describes the LA Jazz scene, his writing, the musicians on this project, and a lot more.&nbsp;<br /><br />You&#39;ll miss the visual effects of this recording being made, but listen to the sound bytes.