A Life In E Flat Price: $18.00

Phil Woods tells his life story, A Life in E Flat, through extensive interview footage and during this recent recording session for the Jazzed Media album, This Is How I Fell About Quincy.  Phil is joined in the studio with his &#39;Little Big Band&#39; which included Brian Lynch, Bill Charlap, Steve Gilmore and Bill Goodwin.&nbsp;<br /><br />Spanning a career of over 50 years, Phil Woods is recognized as one of the greatest also saxophone players in the history of jazz.  Today he continues to perform around the world sharing his unique musical talents with a new generation of jazz fans.&nbsp;<br /><br />DVD includes: tunes from the recording session, interviews with the musicians and Phil, and historic photos of Phil&#146;s career.<br /><br />Bonus material includes: additional interviews with Phil and a Phil Woods CD-Rom Discography (viewable on your computer) courtesy of Jazz Improv Magazine.&nbsp;<br /><br />An outstanding DVD, and value! <br /><blockquote><br />Times:  <br />Documentary: 64:24<br />Additional Interviews: 22:17<br />Total Viewing Time: 86:41<br /></blockquote>