Totally Live at Catalina Jazz Club - In Memory of Bob Florence Price: $23.00

2 CD Set. The Phil Norman Tentet is an anomaly.   It&#146; not always how it seems.   As Phil often points out, the musicians are not ten in number but eleven.   As Phil says, &#39;it&#146;s Phil Norman AND his Tentet!&#39;   The group was formed in 1995 out of fondness for the 1950&#146;s &#39;West Coast&#39; cool sound.<br /><br />&#39;Lastly, I personally would like to dedicate this two CD set to none other than Mr. Bob Florence who was such an integral part of the Tentet since inception.   His contributions from the very beginning over 12 years ago on one misty night were ongoing.   He was one of the musical geniuses of our time.   One who was recognized world-wide - a legend of his time as his Grammy and Emmy Awards attested to.   I was privileged to call Bob my friend and partner on jazz.   Here&#146;s to you Bob, your music will live forever, in my heart and around the world.&#39;<br /> --  Phil Norman