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As many of you know, we tour at least one time a year with the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra and 95% of all our engagements are in high schools and colleges, in keeping with Stan’s commitment to jazz education.  In these hard economic times, schools just can’t afford to bring in a big band such as ours, but they would LOVE to have us in to work with their students.  Any school that books the band for an evening concert gets a FREE afternoon clinic from the whole band.  We also have their school band open for us at the concert.


So, we are asking for your support to make our 2017 tour the most successful ever.  Our tour dates are March 29th - April 12th.   With your help, we can make the band even more available financially for these schools.


 We will be glad to send a Tour CD (of the upcoming tour) to any of you who donate at least $40.  We will, of course accept any donation no matter how small.  We would love to have some larger donations as well.  Every dollar will help us toward our goal of bringing Stan Kenton’s music and creativity and dedication to education to young people.  Anyone donating over $100 will have their name in our tour program as a Tour Supporter. If you choose to donate an amount that is not listed, or larger amount, Please contact us at 928-277-1576.