Wow!  This was one fun recording session! The charts were all so different, and well written. Six are originals, five are standards, and two are concert/film sound track type compositions. They go from a beautiful love song, "The Way He Makes Me Feel", (vocal by Cami Thompson) to some real swinging charts, that Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins would say, "... bite like battery acid. The soloing by Mike Vax, on "The Love Theme From Hair", "La Virgin de la Macarena", and Lennie Niehaus' "Vax Attacks"; is worth the price of this CD alone. The happy, swinging solos by Scott Petersen (Tenor & Soprano Sax) are proof of how pleasant this recording session was.&nbsp; And, jazz trumpet solos by the young Mike Olmos, nearly give you the feeling that a young Conte Condoli, is once again alive and sitting in on this session.<br /><br />Speaking of still being alive, one senses, when listening to &#39;Blues in Hoss Flat&#39;, (the Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins theme), that Bill "Count" Basie is sitting at the piano in front of his band.<br /><br />On &#39;Sunday Variations&#39; and &#34;Let&#146;s Face The Music and Dance&#34;, Randy Vincent&#146;s (guitar) solos are as outstanding as his solo work on our first CD Alternate Route, and the CD under his own name Mirror Image.&nbsp; Guest artist and Latin percussionist Raul Rekow (from Carlos Santana&#146;s band), put a finishing touch on the Latin charts. Raul -- it was a joy to work with you!