Live ...On the Road Price: $18.00

At the end of the prologue, on the New Concepts of Artistry In Rhythm recording, Stan Kenton shouted "This is an Orchestra!"&nbsp; Stan must have been shouting the same thing, from the heavens, each night during the Spring of 2001 East Coast tour, of the Mike Vax Big Band, featuring the Stan Kenton Alumni! <br /><br />The sax section "was to die for" with Kim Richmond, Bruce Johnstone, Bob Keller, Pete Gallio and Joel Kaye.&nbsp; The trumpet section, (Mike Vax, Dennis Noday, John Harner, Steve Campos and Steve Huffsteter) to quote Doug Hughes, "could peel off that old wallpaper you need removed in your home." <br /><br />And, what could be said about those five trombones, (Roy Wiegand, Dale DeVoe, Curtis Fox, Kenny Shroyer, and Mike Suter) that brought tears of joy to many of the faithful Kenton fans, who attended the concerts.&nbsp; The Rhythm section (Gary Hobbs, Jim Widner, John Akal, and Liz Sesler-Beckman) was like a finely tuned luxury car.&nbsp; The soloists, and section leaders, in the Alumni Band, were some of the greatest ever to grace the Kenton bandstand.