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Pratt Brothers Big Band. This is one cookin’ big band!  Great charts, great section work, great soloists, and great sound!


The mere mention of the term "Four Brothers" flashes one to a familiar and fabled edition of Woody Herman’s Orchestra - The Second Heard, often called The Four Brothers Band.

Swinging big band co-led by former Kenton arranger Mark Taylor and drummer Steve Fidyk.  'Their new CD is powerful, fresh, honest and a lot of fun to listen to.

This CD has everything, from the most swinging, to the most romantic arrangements, with a gorgeous string section, and the best soloist available.

Two recordings featuring the final (1978) Stan Kenton band are on the market.  The Kenton performance of the title tune, beautifully arranged by Hank Levy, is not available on any other disc.


Emerald City Jazz Orchestra



The Westchester Jazz Orchestra is one of the outstanding big bands in the New York City area.  The band is first-rate, the solos world-class, the arrangements fresh and imaginative.

Part of the proceeds will go to the Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Listening to Bob Florence at the keyboard is like a combination of Valium and Prozac.  One has the feeling of calmness, and well-being.